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Monday 11 June 2007

La Colombina

We actually went to this restaurant before Buenos Aires but i didn't have time to post a review and then i forgot about it until i saw the photos on my computer. La Colombina is one of Valpo's best known restaurants. This is going to be a short review as i can't remember all that much but i do remember that the food was better than i expected. I had the Chicken in poppy seeds with stir-fried veg and a little tortilla española and the girlf had the Salmon in sesame seeds (yes they like their seeds in la colombina) with some other stuff that i can't identify from the photo...

Also, i forgot to take a photo of my food until i'd started and destroyed the presentation. You'll just have to take my word for it that it looked purty before i ruined it all. i can't really remember the price but i think it came to about 11,000 (us$22) a head including pisco sour, main course, a couple of beers and a shared pudding (can't remember the pudding...). Both the chicken and the salmon were excellent and perfectly cooked-juicy with not a hint of dryness.

La Colombina is at the end of Paseo Yugoslavo just as your start heading down the Subida Apolo.

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