Corrugated City

Wednesday 13 June 2007

Grafitti again

And we're back with more grafitti. New stuff doesn't really appear on a regular basis so i doubt i'll have enough material for another post for a while. Enjoy these.

Local Cafe

A worthy place to skate

Oilver Hardy or is it Charlie Chaplin? And is he going to the toilet?

Legalise it.


The fisherman's organisation gets in on the act

With hate and without fear-attacking Nazis

Argentine rock legend Charly Garcia has a fan in Valpo

And of my favourites...


Ivan Rojas said...

Hey dude,
Well done. Terrific pictorial work on my beloved city of Valparaiso. I couldn't agree more with you about Chileans, in general, not deserving such a great place. Poor souls, they can't understand that living in Valparaiso is a privilege that any European or American would love to have. Thank you so much for appreciating the beauty and importance of my city and for portraying the very core of this wonderful place to the rest of the world. God bless.

Ivan Rojas
Los Angeles, California

Matt said...

Hi Ivan,

thanks for the comment! i'm glad you're enjoying the blog. at least most born and bred portenos appreciate valpo, or at the very least, are proud to be from here. the rest of chile has some major catching up to do when it comes to valparaiso...attitudes are starting to change but i still hear the gasp of 'and you choose to live there' far too often. a lack of inspiration and imagination is a problem in chile-old is bad, crappy and new is good...the country's still in its yuppie phase and i hope it comes out of it soon...