Corrugated City

Saturday 23 June 2007

Grafitti again again

And normal service has resumed on Corrugated more advertising for a while, i promise. I found a fair bit more grafitti around town, much to my surprise, and also a really cool mural that somehow i'd missed for the last 5 months. Not sure how as i park my car directly opposite it almost every observant, eh?

Twiggy again?

Super, super Bob, super, super Bob, super, super Bob, super Bobby Taylor (sorry, Marley)

Is this the Little Prince?

I'm pretty sure this is a reference to the MIR

Consuming consumes you

Give it...until it hurts...

Yes-i missed this mural for almost 6 months, despite parking my car directly opposite on the other side of the street.


Will Sherman said...

Okay, I guess I'll keep reading.

Anyway, don't be so hard on yourself. Looks like that mural totally blends in.

Matt said...

i's hard to see at first, the artist was clearly highly skilled-he painted a mural that's almost identical to a blank wall.

featherly said...

That one picture is of Jimi Hendrix not Bob Marley...for future reference.

featherly said...

And that is the little prince...there is a quote from the book painted beneath it.