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Sunday 21 October 2007

Work and Play

We've been away all week working. Work's not necessarily the best word for it as we've had a really great time running around the Colchagua Valley looking for a farm for a client. I grew up in the countryside and really miss it sometimes so it's fun to be able to combine work with being somewhere i love. It's been a tiring week-we drove 1500km in 4 days-but interesting and very productive. Through various contacts we have, we met a couple of...wait for it...professional, courteous and knowledgeable real estate agents. They offered a service that we hadn't seen before in either Argentina or Chile and we came away impressed. I really hope we get more people interested in buying land in this part of Chile as being in the countryside always puts a smile on my face. We're actually spending quite a bit of time near Ocoa, next to Cerro La Campana , where Lore's dad has bought a few hectares and is planting cherry trees for his retirement in 5 or 6 years time. It's a beautiful part of the country and it's fun helping out with a farm 'start-up'.

Most of the photos i took last week were boring farm ones but a few came out worthy of blogland.

What obviously didn't put a smile on my face was yesterday's result. It pains me to say it but South Africa probably deserved the victory as they were the best and most consistent team in the, congratulations South Africa. England just being in the final was pretty miraculous and to get so close to such an improbable win was kind of victory enough.

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