Corrugated City

Friday 12 October 2007

Classic Valparaiso

So, to get you through the weekend, here's one of the most snapped photos by tourists: Cerro Concepcion from Paseo Dimalow.


Lagar said...

Te felicito por este BLOG. Soy un porteño de corazón y he leído cada uno de tus comentarios. Has captado muy bien la escencia de la gente de Valparaíso.
Carlos Guerra Guzmán

Matt said...

hola lagar, muchas gracias por tu alegro leer que a un nativo de valpo le guste mi blogcito. saludos!

Anonymous said...

Good man yourself Matt!!! That's my bleeding photo that I uploaded to panoramio sometime ago from my last trip back home (March 2006). I lived near the Reina Victoria up to 2000. Honoured, mate!
Now, it's amazing to see Valpo through a gringo's eyes (gringo is not a bad word in Chile, you know) and I can't tell you how much I missed El Puerto.
Muchas felicitaciones,

Santiago FLORES

Matt said...

jeje..actually, i took the photo a couple of weeks ago! That's what i meant when i called it 'classic valparaiso'...everyone who visits the city gets this shot as it shows everything brilliant about valparaiso-the crazy architecture built into the hills, the colours, the churches and, of course, the Pacific (just about). the paseo dimalow is a beautiful spot to take a photo.