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Monday 8 October 2007

A quick knee trembler

It's good that i've done this whole renovate an old house lark before because, to the untrained eye, the upstairs 2 floors look a total disaster. Luckily, i'm able to see through all the junk lying around and it's obvious things have moved forward quite a lot in the 2 weeks since going on holiday.

The structure is almost completely finished, there are just a couple more walls to be rebuilt-that'll be done this week. The tubing for the electrical wiring is almost done, the central heating pipes are going in, the carpenter has finished about half the windows and one full side of the house is now painted its shiny new red.

We had a little tremor this morning, nothing major and only a couple of seconds long...but it must have given the builders a bit of a scare seeing as they're standing on a scaffolding platform 20 metres up...

Here are a couple of photos of the house as seen from a hotel on Lautauro Rosas (Valparaiso's most expensive street), of the junk cluttering up the place and of the front of the house being rebuilt.

On this side of the house only the top floor has been painted. They'll start dangling later this week to paint the rest.

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