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Saturday 6 October 2007

England 12 Australia 10

Remember this from 4 years ago?

Now this was an expected and thoroughly satisfying start to my Saturday...i thought along the lines of pretty much everyone else in the world-England had no hope against the Aussies and the best we could wish for was not to get tonked...somehow, after a truly awful group stage, we managed to pull off a storming performance. No tries but incredibly solid and it almost, almost started to remind me of the 2003 World Cup winning team, although i don't think we'll see another group of players like that for a long time. Beating Australia is always so satisfying, kind of like drinking an ice cold beer on a hot, humid summer's day. It just brings a smile to your face.

Now we just have to wait to see who comes off best between NZ and France (NZ, obviously) and then hope the Kiwis do what they do best in semi-finals. Namely: Choke.

As for the other quarter finals, South Africa will obviously beat Fiji and i reckon Argentina will beat Scotland. I have a strong distaste for the Argentine football team but i really quite like their rugby team...strong, powerful and often downright dirty, it's a form of rugby that the English have played for years. No nancying about, just get stuck's not a tickling competition, after all. It's fantastic to see them at this stage of the competition and it's completely deserved. It's also good to see Fiji still in it and very entertaining to see Ireland and Wales sent back home after just the group stage. Given the fact that they're playing our old rivals from north of the border i shall definitely be 100% cheering on the Pumas tomorrow. In the semis, SA will be too strong for them although you never know. What odds for an England-Argentina final???


France have just beaten NZ in a brilliant match. The Kiwis, by far the best team in the world at the moment, have choked yet again (a game early this time) and France have repeated their 1999 upset. So it's England-France in the semis. I think we're in with a shout to retain the Cup :)


Sine Metu said...

swing low

Mamacita Chilena said...

and you were right, Argentina beat the Scots.

I watched a couple of those games, my husband is a rugby fanatic.

I prefer football. And I actually kind of like the Argentine Futbol team, even though it's traitorous to say that in Chile. I just like watching certain individual players...Messi has an incredible balance on the ball, Tevez is just one of the best players in the world, no butts about it, and Hernan Crespo, well he's just damn hot :)