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Sunday, 8 April 2007

Bistro Cuisine & Vins

This is going to be a pretty short review as we drank a fair few with the meal and i can't remember everything in the detail i'd like to but...

We went to this place Cuisine & Vins last Friday night. It's at Papudo 419 on Cerro Concepcion, opposite the newly opened Hotel Gervasoni. I'd read a few reviews about it and they were all pretty positive so i thought we'd give it a go. We weren't disappointed. The restaurant is nicely kitted out, the service was excellent (despite a shaky start-i made the waitress a little nervous after she made a small mistake and it turned out it was her first night on the job. When i found that out i tried to make things a bit easier for her and it worked, she was great the rest of the night), the wine was excellent-we had a Santa Ema cabernet sauvignon Reserva-and the food...exquisito...and to top it all off, the bill was on someone else.

Between the 4 of us we had the wild boar, 2 salmons and the duck and it was all pretty damn tasty although the duck was a tad dry. With all the booze and the food we could only manage to share a pudding of fresh strawberries and cream which was obviously delicious as it's hard to go wrong with such simplicity.

It's not the cheapest place around with an average main course costing around 9000 pesos ($18) but i'd definitely say it's worth it. We had a chat with the chef who told us that all the beef is Argentine which is a major plus as it's the best mass produced beef on the planet (you can get decent Chilean beef but it's rare and even the best local beef isn't a match for an average Argentine steak). This restaurant is also the first place i've seen in South America that serves Wagyu Beef also, apparently, from Argentina. It's exceedingly expensive by South American dining terms at 25000 pesos ($50) a pop but if it's cooked well probably worth it. In England, it'd be at least double the price.

Would i go back? Most certainly. But i'd also probably wait until someone else was picking up the bill again...and then maybe make them pay for the Wagyu beef...

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