Corrugated City

Monday 3 December 2007


Things are coming along nicely upstairs. We're around a month behind schedule by my reckoning as the work on the ground floor over the winter was more extensive than we first thought it would be. Anyway, we'll be around 90% finished by Christmas and then will put the finishing touches to everything at the beginning on January when we'll also, finally, get our hands on the rest of our furniture and belongings from Buenos Aires that we haven't seen for almost a year...

At the moment, the ground floor upstairs is being decorated, the upstairs is having the plasterboard installed, the kitchen cabinets are being made (we're having recycled oak cabinets) and the floorboards will be relaid starting this week. The ceiling molds and cornices have been made and are waiting in Santiago. Once the double glazing and kitchen and bathroom tiles are finished later this week we'll have it all sent over and installed.

In the meantime, here are some photos of the exterior, all painted its shiny red colour. Within the next couple of weeks, all the windows will be installed and painted white to contrast better with the red.

I'll take photos of the interior upstairs sometime this week before my trip over to Argentina. Looks like Buenos Aires is going to be on my itinerary as i've got to take care of a couple of things over there so Robert and Fruitboy, if you fancy a beer or a coffee then let me know. I reckon i'll be there around this time next week.

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