Corrugated City

Saturday 29 December 2007

Renovations...getting there...

As i suspected, we're about 1 month behind schedule as the ground floor renovations took around 6 weeks longer than expected. We've caught up a little but not enough to be finished in time for New Year. Still, we're finished enough to have a party upstairs (where the view of the fireworks is pretty cool). Here are a few photos showing how things are looking now. The floorboards are down, the cornices and moldings are in place, the first couple of coats of paint are done and the glass is being put in the windows. Almost there...

The office and living room behind

The living room

A mini-living room upstairs leaving the (re-done) oak structure on display

These are the cornices that we've put in the passageways of the house

And these in the living areas

And the centre pieces for the living areas

Views from the yet to be finished roof...


Anonymous said...

Hi dude, mate or f*** moron!!!
That guy (on the bottom of the page)te robó???? Hahahaha, asshole!!!

Matt said...

No-learn to read...but thanks for the fascinating comment.

Anonymous said...

Hey Matt:
Funny that the house you're working on looks like an english house! (I was working renovating one in Edmonton, London , few years ago that was very similar)..ha, ha,...homesick in denial!
Anyway, looking at your web site, I notice, being meself from the same university, that you confuse "La Escuela" (meaning the School of Architecture of the Pontificalísima Catholic University of Valparaíso) with the one of the Universidad de Valparíso,...oh man! that is like comparing Man United with Arsenal! come on!
Nonetheless, grand job ye're doing with the house.
Don't pay attention to the TeoLésicos of the world, they all end up in the same place.


Matt said...

Hey, thanks for pointing that out-i´ll get it changed as soon as i´m back in Chile-and sorry for the insult to your architecture school :) I know what it´s like when people get your uni mixed up-I was at University of Leeds and god damn anyone that says i went to Leeds Met..!

Anonymous said...

Hey Matt:
Is not an insult at all (well,...maybe a little bit, ha, ha, ha), so nothing there to apologize about.
A technical question: how do you manage to get the replacements for the windows (both French and Sash)? or for any other period feature? It was really hard to find and expensive when I tried to do it when I was working in Chile in those days.
¡Pásalo bien!

Matt said...

The windows are all pretty simple 2 hoja french windows that we just re-made with pine. Not the best material but they're all being painted so it doesn't make too much difference. We made them to fit with double glazing as well. Pine won't last as long with the weather in Valpo of course but i can live with that.

Other period stuff-all the cornices and moldings are from a place in santiago-really cheap and they look great. They're all from original antique molds.

The antique tiles we're putting in the bathroom are also from santiago, each one handmade. There are now 2 factories making them, Baldosas Super and Baldosas Cordova. Cordova has better quality.

Everything else we salvaged and re-used-all the doors and floorboards etc. There's a great timber and all things wood salvage yard in Valpo as well that we bought a couple of things from, quite cheap. but the guy is totally chanta :)