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Saturday 22 December 2007

Merry Christmas from Valparaiso

Here's our Christmas tree. I refused to get a plastic one as that's horribly cheap, tacky and flaite (well it is in in Chile, it's the height of sophistication. Damn cuicos). We bought this pine tree instead. After Christmas, we're going to plant it in the countryside where it can run free and wild. That's Neruda on the top, by the way, playing the fairy.

Hope you all have a great Christmas...i'll be back to blogging on Boxing Day. Which doesn't exist in Chile. In fact, Christmas pretty much doesn't exist here either. It's about 8 hours long. 8pm on Christmas Eve 'til 4am on Christmas Day. Very, very tedious. And it's hot. Apart from that, Christmas is great in Chile!

Happy Christmas!


Lisa B. said...

Hmmm, putting the tree next to a woodstove looks like a Christmas "don't." ;-)

Anonymous said...

there's a lot better pines around Laguna Verde don't insult them by planting this and anyway pines are a plague in Chile. You'd do the Earth a better turn by ramming it into that fiery wood stove.

Matt said...`d be a `don´t` if it weren´t for the fact it`s summer here and stinking hot.

chileno...we`re going to plant it and then next year when we`ve moved to the upstairs of our house we`ll have high enough ceilings to chop the bugger down like a real christmas tree.

Luis Marcelo said...

Matt, I'm coming to Santiago/Valparaiso next saturday. Where is the best place to be on on New Years Eve?

Matt said...

Hi Luis, the best place to celebrate is probably cerros concepcion and alegre as there are some awesome views down to the port just in front where all the fireworks are set off. It's also by far the best policed area of the city-it can apparently be a bit sketchy even just down the bottom of the hills on el plan. It's just a huge street first actually so i'm really looking forward to it.

If you haven't got anywhere to stay yet...then i'll just wish you good's probably impossible so close to the date...

Luis Marcelo said...

Hi Matt,

thanks! I know we'll have a wonderful time in Valparaiso and your blog is a geat help.

All the best in 2008!