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Wednesday 28 November 2007

Renovations-making the floor

Just before leaving to head up to San Pedro we had to head over to the factory where they make the old-style mosaic tiles we're going to use in the kitchen and bathrooms. We'd miscalculated the square metres and had ordered a couple of hundred thousand pesos worth too much. Whilst there, the saleswomen asked if we wanted to go see the tiles we'd designed (you get to choose the design and then the colours). We'd read in the leaflet blurb that they were all 'hand made' but assumed this was more along the lines of a person setting the machine and then a conveyor belt doing the rest. We were wrong...every single tile is handmade from scratch. Here are a few photos taken from the work floor (taken from my phone so the quality's not fantastic).

Each tile is made using a frame and paint is poured in by hand

The finished product

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Mike said... about hard work...must be true artisans...How did your tile turn out? The working conditions did not look the best.