Corrugated City

Tuesday 27 November 2007

Back in the Val-para-iso

Got back to Valpo today...lots of exciting travel posts to come in the next few days with loads of cool photos...followed by another silence as i head off for a couple of weeks solo-travelling, something i haven't done for almost 4 years and something that i've really missed. I'm a solitary person sometimes and i need to be on my own with a few good books, some top scenery and a beer. No friends, no family. Just me on my ownsome. Next year we've got a couple of pretty big projects to get on with so i need to recharge my batteries (sorry for the cliche)'s been a busy couple of years and i'm pretty exhausted. Not sure where i'm off to yet...either another manic, knackering trip around Bolivia or a visit to Cordoba and Rosario in Argentina to see places i didn't get around to visiting during my 3 years living there. D'oh. So keep checking in for the next 4-5 days and be richly rewarded with a mini-travel guide to San Pedro de Atacama, Santa Cruz, Pucon and Santiasco.

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