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Thursday 1 November 2007

Arquitecto Harrington's back

Not sure how i missed this one...just down the road from me and taking up around 50m of street. Oh, this is how i missed it...the signature was pretty well hidden behind all those 'charming' cables...

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Anonymous said...

...yes, its a good thing those 'charming' perros vagos can't walk up walls Spiderman style to 'embelish' this building!

I luv the use of mansard roofing on many a public (and some private) buidlings in the Plan area.

Harrington must have run quite a busy office back in the day - what with designing private houses up in the hills as well as many of these multi-storey gems (...and no AutoCad to help whip up the drawings - todo a mano!).

Will be good to get more of an insight into his professional life in Valparaiso.