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Monday 3 December 2007

Lan Chile is a big fat SCAM

I read this the other day on a blog (can't remember which one-AJ's or Joel's, sorry). Lan Chile charges different prices depending on whether you can read Spanish or not. I couldn't quite believe it at first but then i remembered what my brother told me the other week when he said he wanted to book flights down to Puerto Montt on his visit here in January-that the prices were absurdly expensive. I just did a little test on Flying to Arica on December 13th and back to Santiago on the 17th.

In Spanish, it costs $146,000 pesos. That's about us$300. In English it costs us$604. Double.

That's outrageous and i urge any reader to bombard Scam Chile with emails complaining about this pathetic attempt to rip off unsuspecting tourists. Email them at this linkand tell them what you think:


Anonymous said...

You could also try posting an entry about LAN on the Skytrax website which reviews and provides a forum for discussion re: the quality of world airlines both on the ground and in the air. It's well regarded in the airline industry and regularly checked by intending passengers and airline executives alike!



AJ said...

that is outrageously offensive! lets file a class action suit against those bastards

Matt said... it must have been joel's blog i read it on...

i'll take a look at the skytrax thing. i doubt it'll do any good but it's worth it if a few people save some money...

Anonymous said...

Skytrax might be more effective. Complaints letters to airlines are either followed by emty apologies or are outrightly ignored. You can probably cause more of an upset on Skytrax.


d7d said...

thats weird i usually find lan has better prices with the english usa web page than the argentine for example today i looked up travel from buenos aires to miami jan 1 return jan 9 on the usa version website trip cost $2002 usa dollars
on spanish argentine version webpage same trip cost $2600 usa dollars !

jekk said...

when i first read this

"Lan Chile charges different prices depending on whether you can read Spanish or not" i was like oh my god, i can't beleive this guy thinks that hahahah

man that's not true its because of THE MARKET.
haVE you ever wondered why do we have to have a visa for entering to the united states and you dont need that for entering to southamerica??

is is the same ,, it all depends on the market and the help the government gives to certain routes... i work in something similar so i know what im talking about..

if you are booking something from peru, there is different prices because the country tries to give visitors some discounts, but you have to book it once in peru...
it has nothing to do with languages,,man... what are u talking about?