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Wednesday 5 December 2007

Art Nouveau in Valparaiso

Art Nouveau is really uncommon here in Valparaiso. That's a shame as i'm a bit of a fan but the rest of the city is still very cool so i can live without it.

Anyway, i was walking along Independencia the other day and passed by the Santiago Wanderers' (Valparaiso's footy team) HQ. Here are a couple of quick photos i took.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Matt:
Long time without writting here, busy I guess. Art Nouveau n'est pas si rare à Valparaíso. In fact, I think that there are a couple of good examples: The Baburica (or Baburizza) Palace in Cerro Concepción, done by Arnaldo Barison & Renato Schiavon, a couple of italians trying their luck in Valpo in the 1900's. There is also a building (6 or 7 storeys high) in Bellavista near the Hamburg Restaurant, which is very Brussels' type. As far as can remember, it was used by an insurance company, but it's all very hazy now. I don't know the name of the architect. There are a couple more examples, hidden of course. There were so many merchants of almost every european region, many just common citizens, in those days, that there is still a lot to discover and shed some light into.
My best regards,

Santiago FLORES