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Friday 1 August 2008


So my flights all came in on time and thanks to having had about 6 hours sleep in the previous 4 days, a muscle relaxant and a little xanax (thanks, crazy friend) I actually managed to sleep most of the way from Sao Paulo to London. First time ever. I usually dope myself up and sit in a zombie like trance for the entire journey, never quite dozing off.

So, here I am in London at my brother's house, feeling pretty normal apart from a slight edge of tiredness.

Being England, the weather is half sunny, half it's about to completely welly it down.

Upon arriving, I immediately went to the supermarket to buy:

-Thick cut, smoked, sweet cure back bacon
-Pork and leek sausages
-Baked Beans
-Free Range Organic Eggs
-Organic Fresh semi-skimmed milk (not reconstituted UHT foulness as in all South America)
-Innocent Fruit Smoothie

I have missed all of these key Full English Breakfast ingredients this much. I am now a happy, sated man.

*I forgot to mention when I wrote this yesterday that I'm spending most of my time watching the cricket. I love watching the cricket.

Tomorrow I shall be heading to Chinatown to get my hands on some proper dim-sum. On Sunday I'll probably be going for Thai and next week I'll go for an Indian. In two weeks I'm off to Paris for some Vietnamese food. Fooooooooooood. With flavours and spices. All this while catching up with friends and family, most of them for the first time in over a year and a half. Nice.

So going back to my trip to Buenos Aires, here are a few photos:

It was Eva Peron's death day and the queue to see her tomb at Recoleta Cemetery was huge. I've already seen it enough times to not want to wait to see it again.

Creepy vault

Potatoes as art in MALBA, my favourite BsAs museum

A free kid's workshop at a free Picasso exhibit. I'm not sure Santiago would ever put anything like this on, but I could be wrong. The cultural aspect of Argentina is something that's sorely lacking in Chile.

Random, fairly typical BsAs building.

Gun shop "My Friend":

The Education Ministery, one of my favourite BsAs buildings:

The Botanical Gardens-they were shut recently after it emerged that the director was earning a nice little sideline in hiring out the grounds for photo shoots, TV advert filming and...wait for it...burial plots. Yes, you read that correctly. The director was letting people bury the dead in a public park. He's been sacked.

The central building has been refurbished recently and is now used as a mini exhibition centre.

It holds framed original copies of the plans for all of the city's parks, designed by Frenchie Charles Thays:

I'm just going to nip out now and get a few bottles of London Pride. Hmmmmmm...real beer...

That's your lot. Next post will be after I've done something interesting so you might be waiting a while...


Emily said...

Innocent delicious. I've just bought tickets to go to the UK for Christmas and am very excited about several of the things you've mentioned! Have fun!

Anonymous said...

You know England is the place I want to visit once in my life,but I ma not getting any opportunity for that.

Matt said...

Emily...thanks! And yes, innocent smoothies are so good...

Douchebaguette said...

Good job on the food. I immediately went and gorged myself on all the food I missed, and I wasn't there two months! I was really glad to taste soy milk again.

Matt said...

yeah, after 19 months away it really is nice to get some of the food i've missed...but soy milk? i'd rather drink water from the toilet...!

sarah said...
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