Corrugated City

Thursday 14 August 2008

England: Characters

Sometimes, after being away from England for a long time, I start to wonder if I'll still like my friends and vice-versa when we see each other again. I usually get to see everyone at least once a year but this time it's been over 19 months for most of them...and up to 5 years (!) for some others. I'm happy to report that we still all get on...I've had such a good time catching up with everyone... These people are the reason that, no matter how long I live abroad, England will always be home.

Some of the stars of the ever-exciting 'The Matt Show':

The brother, the mother, the sister in law

The Me, the brother, the mother.

Nick (you don't want to know what he's trying not to look at on his computer...)

Nick, Ollie, Prune

Bertie, Prune


Former porteño, Jay



Andrea and Jen (happy)

Andrea and Jen (bored of my incessant photo taking)

The father, the father's wife


Percy, Leo



Mama in Chile said...

Lovely photos. Makes me miss home even more; the wide open green fields, the British beaches, the old creaking ale smelling pubs and the list continues. But it´s good as you say, to know that regardless of distance and time, home will always be right there waiting.


Matt said...

Yeah, i sometimes forget that i do actually like england and that it's a beautiful country...although i couldn't see myself ever moving back. Nice for a reasonably extended holiday and it'll always be home but it's not where i want to live.

Barbaridad said...

loving your cats!

when are you going to be around?

Matt said...

the cats are cute...but only the first one is mine- he's on his last legs at 16 and might not last 'til i'm next back at christmas...the other one is my sister in law's, totally insane but pretty gorgeous.

i'll be back in valpo next week, looking forward to it. In paris right now and there's sunshine..!