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Friday, 15 August 2008

England: Places

So I'm back in Chile after a pretty fantastic break in England. The flight was ok (thanks to legal drugs again) and I was greeted on my arrival by the first perfect blue sky I'd seen since...well...leaving Chile. The weather in England was truly rubbish. I spent a couple of days in Paris and, after a promising first morning, it was rubbish over there as well. I can't wait for summer here.

Anyway, it's good to be home. After a couple more trip posts, I'll be back to Valparaiso blogging in a short while.

A few photos of the places in England I've been to over the past 3 weeks:

Bathampton, just outside of Bath, Avon

Headstones for goal posts in Hammersmith Cemetery, London

Random, typical street in Fulham, London

Self-Service Check-Outs in Highbury, London

The Gherkin, The City, London

The Tate, London

Balham Tube Station, London

The back garden, Sherborne, Dorset

Just behind the back garden

East Chinnock, Somerset

Burton Bradstock, Dorset

Britain's longest sequence of canal locks (there were a fair few), near Warwick

Cows in a field, near Warwick


Barbaridad said...

Loved the pictures! Actually when I was in London I stayed with a friend in Fulham =)

I'll be in Valpo this thursday...would you like to meet up?

Matt said...

hey B, yes. get in touch. see you soon...