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Saturday 7 July 2007

Getting Robbed in Chile

Everyone worries to some extent about getting burgled. A lot of burglaries are pre-planned, the house having been scoped in what if you, as a law abiding citizen, could tell if your house has been marked for a good robbing?

Well, here in Chile, you just need to check around the outside of your house every day before entering...because Chilean burglars have a whole list of drawings to mark houses prior to robbing them. Thanks to a novice burglar who didn't know the drawings by heart, the police found this list and it was published in the 'papers last year. I've finally found the drawings online over on So, if you find any of these markings on your front door or on the pavement outside of your house then fear the worst...or call your friendly, neighbourhood Caribineros de Chile on 133. If the burglars set fire to your house then call 132 and if they gave you a good beating then call 131.

1. Owners returning soon
2. Owner opens door with a chain
3. Empty house
4. Caution: Police
5. House has already been robbed
6. Talk about God-you'll be well received

7. You can rob this house
8. Charitable house
9. Too diffiicult
10.On holiday
11.Single woman
12.Nothing of interest
13.Very nice [house]
14.Rob the disabled person
15.Nothing here
16.Careful-there's a dog
17.Use a crow-bar
18.Only women living here
19.Ready to rob

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