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Wednesday 4 July 2007

And now for something completely freaky

Last week i went to Santiago to see our chino due to the problems i have with my back and he left the job "half done". Over the weekend it got really bad and i was confined to my bed and unable to move a muscle without feeling like someone was stabbing me in the back and twisting the knife. Not pleasant. So i went back yesterday. The pain wasn't as bad as over the weekend but it was still pretty bad.

After 45 minutes of deep muscle massage (painful but bearable, just) he decided to use ventosas. Ventosas are glass jars that are heated up and placed on acupuncture points-they form a vacuum and allegedly help separate the muscles, nerves and fat layers allowing more blood to flow around and helping reduce localised swelling. It's not exactly painful but it is a bit uncomfortable-like a love bite performed by someone with a hell of a mouth on them...

It's worked a bit-my upper back is a lot less painful and my lower back, which is actually the cause of all the pain (i have an extra vertebrae) is a little less sore as well. Still hurts like hell but better than before.

I also went for a full back scan to see if there was a hernia or anything that specifically caused the back-knack (thanks to the wonders of health insurance) and i'm waiting on the results.

Anyway, if you're of a nervous disposition, i suggest you look away now. Not only will you see how obscenely white my body is after a year and a half without sun (i never got the chance to sunbathe the summer just gone) but the pictures of the ventosas are pretty nasty as well. Enjoy!

The after effects-i've had this done once before and the marks took 4 and a half months to go away. It takes normal people about 4-5 weeks. The lines on my back are shadows, by the way...

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Tuina Massage Singapore said...

a month ago I have the same problem and I thought it was just a natural "computer syndrome". I don't believe with such though but now I got oriented with that. My case is different though. According to the massage spa I''ve got into weeks ago, there is something at my back muscle that is really aching via some cold factor. The therapist recommended that I should undego tuina or accupancture to completely remove the pain. Good thing I've survived!