Corrugated City

Thursday 24 May 2007

More photos of Valparaiso

As the title might suggest, here are some more photos of Valpo all from Cerro Concepcion or Cerro Alegre. Enjoy.

The British built British houses

And the Germans built German houses

Victory! Late last year, the private company that owns and runs the Ascensor Concepcion (or Turri as it's known locally) raised the price of a ticket from 100 to 200 pesos and then to 500 each way. For a 30 seconds ride. And all to rip off tourists. There's been a massive campaign and boycott against the company for months and this week they finally saw sense and reduced the price back down to 200 pesos. Which is great news, as it now means i don't have to walk up and down the hill every time i need something from El Plan.


The Palacio Barburriza, council owned and supposedly the fine arts museum-it's actually completely infested by termites and, despite being an emblematic Valpo building and in the heart of the UNESCO World Heritage Site zone, the council refuses to spend the money required to remodel and repair the place. Muppets. The house belonged to a Nitrate Magnate.


Unknown said...

Love your blog - I'm an expat who just arrived in Santiago to stay until the end of August - planning to visit Valpro this weekend and would love to meet other expats if you're up for it :) Grace, San Francisco CA 9-5598099

Matt said...

hi grace, welcome to chile. i've been away for the last week in buenos aires so didn't see your comment until now. hope you enjoyed your weekend in valpo. feel free to leave your impressions of the place in a comment somewhere on this blog.