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Friday 4 May 2007

Furniture fun...

Nothing to do with Valpo or even Chile in this post but...last week our things finally arrived from Buenos Aires. 3 months of waiting and lots of incompetence from the shipping company and argentine customs. It should have taken a month tops to have our stuff over. So we now have a real bed to sleep in and a wardrobe to put our clothes in. And a big telly.

Anyway, just before we left Argentina we went to the Mercado de las Pulgas in Palermo/Colegiales and bought a couple of chairs...we liked them when we bought them but we couldn't quite remember what they looked like and whether we'd made a good decision. Turns out we did. A few photos below of what we bought (2 identical). "Danish Modern" is the style, from the 60s. Most probably Argentine made replicas from the same era. They need a little bit of work and on Monday they're off to the repair guy to get the sunken seats fixed and the wood cleaned and varnished so hopefully in a couple of weeks i'll be able to post pictures of the finished articles. Including the repairs, they'll have cost about a quarter of what they go for in england. Nice.

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Matt said...

wow thanks kiran for taking the time to read my humble bloggo. it was really nice of you to drop by. be sure to come back soon. you're so great.