Corrugated City

Thursday 3 May 2007

A few photos

Sunset from my terrace

View from Cerro Artilleria

Zapallar, (second home to the Chilean upper-class) as the clouds roll in. The houses on the hills are all worth over us$1 million and more...

This is my favourite house in Zapallar by far. When i'm rich and famous, i'll pay whatever it takes to get hold of it. It's right on the beach, is the perfect size, has a really cool garden and i just love the shape of it. One day...

Reñaca, just up from Viña del Mar and Valpo. Valpo is in the distance.

The beach at Maitencillo (my favourite beach town an hour or so north from Valpo).

It's a shame the water's so bloody cold. When the General says 'retreat!', i follow orders.

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