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Thursday, 17 May 2007

The Coast

I really like living in Valpo. The city itself is beautiful even if it could do with a bit of cleaning up and there's a lot to do here. Another reason why i like living here is that i'm always next to the sea. The Chilean coastline is spectacular and just a few minutes drive away are some stunning views.

Laguna Verde, 5 minutes from Valpo

Reñaca, 25 minutes north of Valpo

Maitencillo, an hour or so north of Valpo

Cachagua, just over an hour north of Valpo

Zapallar, a couple of minutes north of Cachagua-the white house in the background is the house i posted about day i tells ya...

This is Pichemelu, the Central Coast's premier surf spot about two and half hours south of Valpo

These are from Chiloe, a short 14 hours drive south of Valpo

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