Corrugated City

Monday 21 May 2007


Chile has a major grafitti problem. It's everywhere. This is both good and bad. Good when the grafitti is good. Bad when the grafitti is bad. Simple, eh? Due to Chile's economic success, spray paint is within financial reach of most people. That's also a good thing. And a bad thing.

Anyway, below are some photos of the good kind of grafitti, all within 2 minutes walk of my house on Cerro Concepcion.

Don't know what that word means but the bottom line asks for the land-owner to die.

Your friendly, neighbourhood whorehouse

Mono-stereo. Mono means monkey in Spanish

Don't wait-just do it

The police is a joke

It's true

Suicide Notes

Blah blah blah and then Liberty to Mapuche Political Prisoners

International style

My friends the bears: Go Vegan


Anonymous said...

This is good stuff... The police is a joke. That's great. Are we copying each now? ;) I just posted a ton of graffiti pics. Maybe great minds think alike. That's it.

Matt said...

i posted this and then shortly afterwards saw you'd done the same post, BA-style...i thought i might get accused of guaton-copion-ness (a bit of chilean slang for you there)...

here in valpo there's tons more graffiti that i should take photos of...actually there's the museo al cielo abierto over on cerro bellavista which is one giant graffiti-art display from about 15 years ago. i haven't been in ages so i need to go back and take some photos.

Matt said...

this is a pretty good link to photos of the

Anonymous said...

The murals are very cool. I've been noticing a lot in BA lately (there are a bunch of neat paintings on the Hospital de Niños for example) but they are very difficult to photograph well. The painted houses made me think of my trip to La Boca on Sunday, & the hills remind me a lot of Lisboa. I'll definitely have to come over & check it out.

Tiuku said...

Oh, I love the graffitis of Valparaiso. You shouldn't say a problem when you speak about Chili graffitis.

"Girls never call" was one of my favourites. It says so much.

It seemed to me that the Chilean guys have tendancy for depression. "Me gustan todos pero soy muy feo" was one, and another (in English) "This long winter turns everyone against each other."