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Friday 14 March 2008

Other People in Valparaiso

When I bother to check how people find this blog, I sometimes come across some other interesting sites. Yesterday, someone googled something like 'Cerro Concepcion, Bellavista, Alegre' and up came my blog. On the same search result page, there was also a blog from someone who spent just a few days in Valparaiso back in May of last year, but who wrote one of the best tourist entries about the city that I've read. Take a look here. It's great to read that someone really 'got' the city in such a short time.

And here's a random photo from my collection to help you through the weekend.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

im becoming adicted to your blog and tips. maybee coz i like to read how people "got" the city (especially if are foreigner, kind a voyeour reading). where you put the eye in the city, what is crap and what isnt.

there is another way to mesure our idea of city?? estadistics? grafics? i dont find satisfaction in that way.

2 days ago i buy a book in la feria del libro usado called "valparaiso bohemio", with a lot of poems produced in "pajarito" bar. a great compilation of the pulse of valparaiso now days, writing by porteños. highly recomended.