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Friday 15 February 2008

Renovations: Finished...Ma o Meno

Remember when we didn't have a house, but a war zone?

Well, today the builders and painters are leaving. At last. Over the weekend the floors will have their last two coats of varnish and on Monday the house will be done, with the exception of fixing mirrors, putting up a couple of lights and putting up a shower curtain pole. By this time next week, the floor varnish will be hard enough to then move all our things in. Yey..!

I'll post photos on Monday or Tuesday. So you'll have a whole, sleepless weekend thinking about what it's going to look like.

It's actually only been 8 months since we started the work. 8 months to rebuild entirely a huge old house. It's been tiring and stressful at times, but that's the work we've chosen to do. And we do it kind of well...the quality of the work is way higher than anything that's been seen here in private home renovations in Valparaiso before and we did it all for 50% less than it should have really cost.

So this is the part when I say that we can do this for you here in Valparaiso. We are involved in loft conversions in Valparaiso and other projects that will help make Valparaiso one of the Southern Cone's coolest cities to travel to and in which to live and work. We also offer a full real estate consulting service in Chile. So, for Valparaiso, Chile real estate and property-you know where to come.

Apologies for the outrageous and none-to-subtle's just that I'm proud of the work we're doing here and want others to join us in this amazing city. If you're looking for something different in your life, then Valparaiso's a great option.


Omar Cruz said...
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Barbaridad said...

(I copy - pasted here my last comment)

yes, the dogs lying in the middle of the street as if everyday was like sunday...I would tell you to take a look to my pictures on flickr, but I haven't upgrade my account so they are temporarily unavailable.

Actually, I'm pretty interested on what you do in Valpo. I want to go back when I finish my studies here and try the touristy thing in my beloved city!

Matt said...

When you get your flickr account sorted let me know-would love to have a look at your photos. How much longer do you have left to study and what took you to Paris in the first place?

And I still can't understand why you miss the perros vagos :)

Anonymous said...

"...everyday was like sunday..."

A Morrissey fan?