Corrugated City

Friday 29 February 2008


I've been away for the past few days down in Santa Cruz, looking for a nice vineyard in Chile for some clients. We got back yesterday after putting another 1000km on the back's totally killing me but it was a pretty successful trip and we also got to meet up with a friend of ours as well, which was cool.

Anyway, the house is finished. Today, the hot water will be connected and the central heating will be completed next week (we're missing a radiator, not too important in summer). Most of upstairs is a still covered in cardboard to protect the floors but downstairs is empty, so here are a few photos. More to come over the weekend. You can see the stages of the renovation process by clicking on the 'renovations' label at the bottom of this post or in the sidebar.

The two main rooms downstairs:

The white doors are going to be stripped back to the wood, like the windows above them, but we're going to do that in a few weeks once we've got another place to make a mess:

The ceiling molds and cornices are all new plaster except the corner 'faces' (there's a man in one room and a woman in another), which are the original papier mache ones. We made plaster molds to replace a couple that were too damaged to re-use.

I already have my office in place with a view of the hills:

The entrance hall:

Downstairs corridor and staircase:

The three bathrooms are all the same design. This is the easiest to take a photo of as the other two are even more triangular:

I'll have more upstairs photos and the kitchen uploaded sometime over the weekend.


Dan said...

Wow. Looks really, really good. Love the exposed brick in the entryway, that scarlet wall and those great floors.

Matt said...

Thanks if you hadn't just blown all your savings on that expensive meal the other day you might have been able to afford a trip over to see it :)

The floors are great aren't they? Some people don't like Douglas Fir floorboards but i really do-they have a much more 'used' look to them (and these are over 100 years old so even more so)...i like the thick grain it has.

The scarlet wall-it's a bit lighter than we wanted and i've been thinking of giving it a coat of slightly darker red paint but it's actually starting to grow on me so i'm not sure anymore. I think i'll give it a few weeks of living before making a decision.

And yeah, the exposed brick is cool-we wanted the whole wall exposed but the white part had a huge crack in it so we had to smash it open and put a big metal and concrete llave (don't know the term in English) in. Not attractive.