Corrugated City

Tuesday 19 February 2008

Dying in Valparaiso: Sorry, we're a bit full...

Here's a photo of Cerro Panteon or 'Cemetery Hill' as it was known to English speakers in 1861. This is a view of Cementerio Numero 1 although back then it was almost certainly known simply as Cementerio because they didn't open Numero 2 until the first one was getting a little overcrowded. The cemetery opened in 1825, so in the photo it had almost 40 years worth of the (Catholic) dead buried there

And here's a photo of what it looks like today. You can even make out one or two buildings right at the foot of the hill that have amazingly survived all the natural and man-made disasters thrown at them. Unfortunately, these days you can't get that nice unobstructed view across anymore due to the roofs of the buildings.

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