Corrugated City

Wednesday 6 February 2008

Before and After...A Big Red House

The angle's not quite right but until I get to know the owner of the house on the corner of Lautaro Rosas and Miramar, I'm never going to be able to get it perfect.

Update: I had another photo and I think the angle's better. It's still not prefect though. It's the first photo under 2008.



The photos were taken from the third floor suite at the Zero Hotel


Anonymous said...

cool! Almost a pity the white building in front of the red one isn't still there, it was beautiful too. I love old postcards like this.
(And I think you got the angle almost perfect.)
Best wishes from Sweden,

Matt said...

The big white building? It's still there-it's the big yellow one now in front of my house. In fact, if you look closely enough, in the postcard you can see a black kind of line towards the bottom left hand corner of the white building. In the 2008 photo, you can make that out as a big old cantilevered window. In the postcard, the black mark is obviously the scaffolding from when they were actually building that window.

Rook said...

question on valpo: you probably don't smoke but do you know of any good smoke shops in the city, specifically looking for a place to buy quality cuban cigars.

Thanks in advance

Matt said...

I have to say I have no idea if there are any decent smoke shops. This is a port town so i'd expect there to be somewhere for get tobacco but I reckon you might have more luck in Vina.

Mamacita Chilena said...

I love old pictures. It's always fascinating to see how a city has changed over time.

Mama in Chile said...

Really love what you've done here!