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Friday 29 February 2008

Renovations-Finished II

So here are the rest of the photos I promised (and ahead of schedule too-the late afternoon light was really nice).

This is the master bedroom-the tube in the corner is where the chimney/flue from the wood burner downstairs will pass. The floor in this bedroom is rauli, for which I have no English translation. It's the only room that doesn't have Douglas Fir floorboards-we ran out.

The white door leads to a little triangular en-suite.

The view that awaits us every morning.

The only change to the layout of the house was cutting a large room in half (and adding a bit of corridor) to create a third bedroom and a small reception area with recycled oak beams on view next to the kitchen (which is upstairs).

The kitchen isn't quite finished. The window obviously needs its double glazing (long, boring story) and there'll be a work top all along the right hand wall where the drawer unit you see will also go. The kitchen cabinets are handmade from recycled oak. And if you click on the renovations label, you'll find a post that shows the floor tiles being handmade.

This is the second bedroom with en-suite. The photos are so yellow because the wall on the left is painted that colour and the late afternoon sun streams through the windows and make the entire room look yellow.

Finally, the skylight looking up through the roof.

Once the kitchen is done and we've got all our stuff moved in (and tidied up), I'll post more photos.


Unknown said...

looks really beautiful, i'm sure you are very proud of your work.

Kevin J

Matt said...

Thanks Kevin..!