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Friday 21 January 2011

What Vinamarinos and Portenos Think Of Each Other

Here's a link to an interesting article in the Santiago Times, that cites a study into what people from Vina think of people from Valpo, and vice-versa. There are no real surprises- Portenos are uneducated malcontents, Vinamarinos are cuico snobs, Valpo smells bad and Vina has too many traffic jams. Although they do say some positive things about each other as well...


lydia said...

Tele13 interviewed my boyfriend yesterday about the two cities. I dont know when itll come out. they just completely ignored that i was there the whole time, it felt really weird. .

Matt said...

Why did they ignore you?

John said...

Hey Matt

I saw that you were living in Valparaiso - are you still living there? I am considering moving there in May and was wondering if you could offer some advice/insights on the city.

My email is if you'd be willing to send some advice my way.