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Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Earthquake in Chile

Just a quick post to say I'm ok after the earthquake. Currently in Valpo checking on things, all ok thankfully. Tomorrow I'm going back to Santa Cruz with a car full of supplies for those most affected- the city has been really badly hit and is still without electricity. We only got water back this morning, just before heading to Valpo. So far, Santa Cruz's residents have shown the most amazing attitude to what has happened and we haven't seen any disturbances or looting, just a collective will to make things better. It's why I love Santa Cruz.

Once we get electricity back in Santa Cruz, I'll post again with photos- we might not have power until the weekend though.

To anyone in Chile, please donate food and milk- the worst affected desperately need it in Santa Cruz, even more so further south.

And to anyone watching the news overseas, not all of the affected area is being looted by brain dead morons- the vast majority of the people here are doing their best to help everyone else. Please don't think that what you're seeing is representative of what's happening everywhere.


Kyle said...

From what my mom has told me, the news has really sensationalized things.

Glad to see that you're ok, and I'm assuming Allie is as well.

Unknown said...

Do you have any information on the situation in Quintay?