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Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Why Being An Ethical Consumer Is Bad...

Nothing to do with Valparaiso, Chile or the earthquake...but this is really quite funny:

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Bosco said...

Actually those who consider being green as ethical are misguided. Green and Global Warming behavior are tantamount to telling the big lie and telling it often. Al Gore is a total sham who has made millions of dollars portending to be concientious about the environment. His house is 24000 sq ft and he burns more than 24 time the typical amount of energy to heat and cool his residence. It is not about ethics but about money. He has become a millionaire tens of times over by seducing young minds and old minds into thinking that introducing legislation (CAP IN TRADE IN THE US) which will do nothing to lower the temperature nor raise it as it is all about control and money and destroying the US economy.

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