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Monday, 15 February 2010

Chile, The Land Of Charm

This great video was sent to me by a friend. It's a 1937 Travel Talks programme all about 'Chile, the land of charm'. It's fascinating to see Vina, Valpo and Santiago in film from so long ago.


Dan said...

Love it. I love the writing for these types of travel videos, too — phrases like "pleasure resorts" and "happy rendezvous" and "the simple diversion of promenading."

You get the sense that it was written just for the way it sounded, regardless of whether any of it was true or not. Though I'm sure some of it was.

At any rate, the images are great too.

Matt said...

Yeah, there are some pretty interesting expressions and plenty of invented adjectives and adverbs to enjoy along with the images. Entertaining stuff.

Chris said...

Brilliant. Like time travel.


Mary Thompson said...

I loved watching this. My mother, who is now 87, went to Chile in 1937 with her family to live in Santiago two years and visit grandparents and other relatives in Valparaiso. It was just as beautiful as she told us it was.