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Sunday, 14 February 2010

Expats in Chile

If you're looking for information about moving to Chile and interested in meeting fellow expats then you should take a look at the Expats in Chile networking group.

Ariell and Viviana run a great website that is full of information about living in Chile. They organise expat meet-ups and other events and connect foreigners living in towns and cities all over the country. The group already has over 800 members.

Theirs is a friendly and inclusive group- unlike a certain other chile forum, whose owner believes that slandering potential competition (and also potential business partners) and spreading absurd and baseless lies is an ethical and appropriate way to do business. I continue to shake my head in disbelief at his practices.

Anyway, enough of that: Go make some friends!


Kyle said...

Which is the other group? At first I thought you were referring to Chilespouses, but clearly no people who can be referred to as "his," are allowed in :)

Matt said...

Noooo, ChileSpouses are awesome- if I weren't banned for not being a girl I'd love to be a member!

The other group I'd rather not mention by name to be honest but a quick google search will throw them up. Quite a few people have fallen foul of the owner's pathetic tactic of calling anyone involved in a vaguely related area a scam artist.

He has made up some truly ridiculous- not to mention pretty hurtful- lies about several people who he sees as some kind of threat (and yes, that includes me). I genuinely wonder how he sleeps at night knowing the crap he's made up about people and how it might affect them. It's really quite sad that someone can stoop so low.

Murasaki said...

Can someone help me find Chilespouse? I can find references to it ont he web, but I can't find the actual site/group/listserv anywhere...It's a bit frustrating...