Corrugated City

Thursday 15 May 2008

Arquitecto Harrington

So, continuing my not-very-comprehensive-and-marvelously-amateur-but-the-best-you're-going-to-find-online-in-English cataloging of Arquitecto Esteban Orlando Harrington works here in Valparaiso, here's another of his buildings that I had walked past many times without noticing his signature. Down in Plaza Bellavista, just up from La Intendencia is another large building. It's not as decorative as a couple of his other major buildings, just plain and functional. It now houses various businesses and offices, including a sede of the Universidad de Aconcagua.

Here are some photos.


Santiago FLORES said...

Hey Matt:
Could you take the address of those buildings from your man Harrington? So I could make a list of whatever you found? This is research project is getting very interesting!!.
About our difference of opinion, ...damn it! it would be awfully boring otherwise!
I am not fully aware yet of your other endeavours, but this side of investigative Architecture interests me inmenselly. Keep it up.


Matt said...

I agree-as a song once said, 'If everybody looked the same, we'd get tired of looking at each other'...

Next time the sun is out and I've got some time I'll go back and get the addresses of the buildings. Not that there seems much hope of the sun coming out any time soon, though...winter appears to have really set in now.

Santiago FLORES said...

There you go Mister!!!!

Matt said...

santiago-excellent. there are a couple that i didn't know about so i'll get out and photo them as soon as i can. the rain's stopped for a couple of days it seems...