Corrugated City

Tuesday 15 April 2008

Thank God For Progress

I'm back blogging again, although I've currently got an old school friend staying trying to get me drunk every single day so I can't guarantee there'll be many posts 'til next week when he'll be finally out of my life for another 10 years :)

Anyway, here's a photo of the Teatro Victoria with the Teatro Imperio next door. Back in the day, Valparaiso had a lively cultural life with well over a dozen theatres. Quite a lot for a small city.

Thankfully, town planners had the good sense to knock the Teatro Victoria down. After all, it is pretty hideous, isn't it? Rather like the fugly Edificio Brown.

The Teatro Imperio appears to be abandoned. I'd love to get inside and have a look.


Anonymous said...

...How do you know it was a town planner and not, say, an earthquake that knocked down that monstruosity?

Matt said...

I'm part of a worldwide scheme of making town planners look evil.

Anonymous said...

as an architect student, i join the cause too! is pure evil!

the other day i went to the teatro imperio to play with my band. in the second floor, if you enter in a lateral door, theres a "sala de ensayo" for incipients musicians. the man there is "ji-ji".

bye vecino, keep posting.

Matt said...

Vecino-so you can get inside? Awesome. I might take a look and try to push open a few closed doors next time I'm in the area...

Anonymous said...

You don't need a world wide scheme to make town planners look evil. We do pretty well on our own! I asked my folks whether they knew when the Teatro Victoria came down and why but they could not at least so far there is no proof of planner involvement - you can't prove anything!

The Imperio is a really interesting building and while the tacky souvenir stalls inside are a far cry from its glorious past, its better than it sitting abandoned.