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Friday 25 April 2008

A Few More Foggy Photos Of Valparaiso

Some more photos from Cerro Artilleria.

As I mentioned the other day, the low lying cloud of fog reaches pretty much exactly to where the ocean used to before the land was reclaimed. Mankind 1 Nature 0. Looking at the photos, the main bulk of the fog ends at Calle Blanco and starts to dissipate before ending completely at around Cochrane.

Here's a digital zoom photo of the Palacio Barburrizza. More photos here. You get a pretty good idea of its humungous size-the house with the red roof to the left is at least 600m2 and it looks tiny. As I've mentioned before, the PB really doesn't look very big when you're standing next to it.

I love the 'ghost' ship in this photo.

Tomorrow, I'm off to conquer Cerro La Campana. I believe I shall be the first European to do so, the trek being so perilous that only the natives have dared undertake it before. Photos of that on Monday.

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Joel said...

These photos are a good synopsis of the views provided by the city. I used this post as a resource for my description of the city: