Corrugated City

Thursday 31 January 2008

Please Help Make Me Happy.

If you scroll down the page, on the bottom right hand side of your screen you'll see a little blue box. This magical box allows you to write a review about Corrugated City and give me a rating out of five (count 'em) stars.

Please feel free to use this service to let me know how i'm doing. One thing: I ask, nay urge you to only write nice things about me. If i get any nasty comments, it's highly likely i'll throw a hissy fit and NEVER POST AGAIN. Which is probably what you want if you're writing a bad review. So you'll win. Hmmm...perhaps i should have thought this through a bit more.

To put you in a good mood before you review me, here's another photo of a cute, fluffy kitty-kat.


Anonymous said...

You crossed the line this time gringo. Fuzzy cat? Fuzzy white cat. You racist! Grr! made up that cat! I know it is you! Uf, what more can i say? You are a gringo! [Head explodes].

Matt said...

He may be a very Aryan animal but I am an equal opportunities cat owner and do not discriminate due to fur colour.

Anonymous said...

The star rating jacked up on me. Anyway.... 4.5 stars. Been reading a month or so now as we're waiting for Bush to sink the U.S. and we'll be down to see you then. Greetings from puget sound in Washington state. Great pix of the port by the way.

Matt said...

Hasn't he already sunk it? Or is the US just holed below deck, waiting for repairs?

Thanks for the star rating...even if i only got a paltry 4 and a half :)

Anonymous said...

I love this!! and I have passed it on to my son who is going to Chile towards the end of the year with his family. We just returned from Chile Jan 24 after buying a beautiful piece of land just before Algorrobo. Your stuff has been really helpful in terms of info and I loved the language stuff because I had the same problems with it when I first went to Chile in 1990/91. 5 stars from Calgary, Canada, originally Heswall, Wirral.