Corrugated City

Tuesday 15 January 2008

Misty Valparaiso

My brother's here for a couple of weeks so we're doing some of the touristy stuff in Valparaiso. Today we headed up to the Museo Naval y Maritimo. I've written about the place before so i won't go into any details. Anyway, there's been some really weird weather here the last couple of days. Yesterday there was the strongest wind i've felt since i arrived here a year ago. It was a major factor in the fire that destroyed 70 houses and left dozens of people injured up on Cerro La Cruz. I'm not going to blog about the fire as it was a long way from where i live and you can get better information and photos from the newspaper (click on 'galeria de fotos in the top left hand corner).

Today there's no wind but there's a slightly odd and creepy mist hanging over the port. It's hot and sunny up here in the hills but just down by the water there's a thick fog shrouding the ships. Strange.

A photo from underneath the ascensor at Cerro Artilleria


Anonymous said...

'Galeria de Fotos' I was almost like nice tip, dude but what's with 'belleza' surena she was tied to the tracks when the ugly train came through town. It's like she fell off the ugly tree and hit every branch along the way. She'd easily make the Sexy Santa cut though.

Matt said...

The sexy santa list is not exactly...well..exclusive now is it??