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Monday 28 January 2008

Chilean Government: Stubborn

I'm not going to go into great detail about who Douglas Tompkins is. Suffice to say he's a filthy rich US businessman who bought a massive chunk of Chilean Patagonia a few years back and then turned it into a private eco-reserve. The Chilean government then realised he'd bought pretty much from the coast to the Andean border, thereby cutting off overland access to further south. This caused quite some uproar amongst Chileans, who thought the filthy gringo had ulterior motives (apparently he's buying up sources of fresh water all over South America so he can hold the world to ransom when water starts to run out blah blah blah).

Anyway, Chile wants to continue the Carretera Austral through the park, connecting Puerto Montt with Chaiten eventually. So they presented a plan. Tompkins also presented a plan.

Now, if you were the leader of a third-world developing nation like Chile, you'd think you'd just jump at the chance to do a better project, cheaper. Instead, the government has taken 2 years to study the idea of doing further studies to decide which project to go ahead with. Click on the image below to see the differences in Tompkins' project and that of MOP (Ministerio de Obras Publicas). Then decide which one you'd go for.


Anonymous said...

How dare you! Chile is not third world!

Matt said...

I know a guy with a blog in Santiago who thinks it is.

Matt said...

(comment deleted)-AC i'm not going to support your campaign to vilify a fellow blogger. Sorry.

Anonymous said...

nice to read your blog, I love Valparaiso.
I don't understand all about the different projects as my Spanish is veeeery bad... are there a lot of bridges or ferries involved?
Best wishes,
Susanne (Sweden)

Matt said...

Hi Susanne,

There are ferries involved in all the dotted lines (as far as i know, there are no plans for bridges). Tompkins' plan would be 5 times cheaper, 2 years quicker in completing and the journey time would be an hour or so less...and the government is still thinking about it!

Santiago FLORES said...

Dear Matt:
Submission is often offered wrapped in gold, independence is normally achieved by struggle and sometimes, blood.