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Sunday 29 November 2009

Caleta Quintay: Update

Fantastic news..!

  • The deadline for the project approval has been extended until mid-January
  • Without going into details that I've been asked not to mention, it would seem there's a genuine will on the side of MOP to reassess the project. Let's hope that they take into consideration everyone's points of view.
  • A well-known architect from Tunquen, Pedro Salas, has become involved in the little tussle- I hope that any project he is involved in is as considerate to the environment as some of his houses are (I've seen a couple in Tunquen- he's a really good architect).
My, personal, opinion of what should happen to Caleta Quintay is:

  • Ban public parking from the start of the single track road leading down to the caleta and have a single bus that goes up and down at 5 to 10 minute intervals at certain busy times. People can either take the bus or walk down.
  • Extend the pathway that leads to the ex-whaling station by a couple of metres out into the sea and make it nice. The coastal path that leads from the beach in Zapallar would be a good model.
  • Convert the ex-whaling station into a proper museum, based on the numerous examples from around the world (I drove 6 hours to go to the one in Albany in Australia).
  • Also use the ex-whaling station as the dock for the fishermen.
  • Whales will continue to return to Quintay over the coming years. In 10-15 years, they will be a regular sight. Educate the local fishermen about whale-watching tourism and make them understand that they'll be able to make far more money doing that than fishing in the medium term. Seriously- whales will be under two hours from Santiago and the airport. 30 minutes from Vina and Valpo. You usually have to travel hours and hours from major cities to see whales in South America. This could be huge business.
Anyway, that's my take on what should be done. I'm sure that not everyone agrees but I hope that the opinions of people who, like me, are not directly affected will be taken on board. A place like Caleta Quintay should be there for the enjoyment of everyone who lives in or visits this country.


Maeskizzle said...

Great news!!! And your ideas sound great as well ;) The only thing I'd add is that it might be good to have handicapped parking in the Caleta.

Matt said...

Yes, handicapped parking is a good idea...but only as long as there's someone there to enforce it...!

Eileen said...

Caleta Quintay is stunning, and the walk along the rocky coast back past the whaling museum at low tide ranks among one of my very favorites. Hope ruin is not in its future. Also, am I remembering wrong or wasn't the approach to Quintay only recently paved?

Matt said...

Yeah, the path is great, it just needs some renovating and widening. Not sure when the road was paved, it was definitely done the first time I went a little over 2 and a half years ago.

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