Corrugated City

Friday 13 March 2009

View from Cerro Artilleria, Old and New

It's now impossible to get this view from Cerro Artilleria- there's been quite a lot of construction since this photo was taken sometime, I'm guessing, in the 1860s or so.

If you look very closely (click on the image to enlarge), exactly half way up the very far edge of the right hand side, you can just about make out Lord Thomas Cochrane's house. A little bit in and you can see an unbuilt upon bluff (it's got a white line running down the middle of it). This is where the Palacio Barburriza was built and the hill which Ascensor Peral services...the only really flat part of Cerro Alegre-Paseo Yugoslavo. And just to the left of that is Cerro Concepcion. Or 'home' as I prefer to call it.

The best views I could find...mix the first two together to get the actual equivalent of the old photo.

The Palacio Baburriza


lydia said...

haha, weird the difference, its hard to compare but you can see the same bumps and lines in the distance of the mountains.

speaking of, whats in that last place? i thought you/someone touched on it before but the memory is vague.

Matt said...

yeah, there are a few stand out features that help.

the palacio barburriza was the fine arts museum which was closed for renovations in 1999. every 2 years there have been promises of it reopening but the interior is now completely infested with termites and no work has been done for a decade now. it's one of the council's most shameful episodes (one of many, i might add...). The Senate stole all the best paintings and now they're not available to the public.

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