Corrugated City

Friday 6 March 2009

Street Art, English Style

This guy's been getting quite a lot of press much so that it was my mum who emailed me these pictures. The artist is Julian Beevor, an Englishman who uses chalk to create some pretty incredible 3D images. In all of these photos, the only real things are the people, everything else is drawn. When it rains, it all washes away.


blackholeknitter said...

I saw a TV show about this guy. The way he goes about creating these chalk drawings and the time it takes is amazing.
There are also some pics on the web showing his drawings from the opposite perspective. Really cool.

Matt said...

Yeah, they're really cool. I'd love to see how he actually manages to create the perspective. As a completely useless artist, I have not the faintest idea how he does it.