Corrugated City

Wednesday 28 January 2009


On Friday I had to head to Santiago in order to pick up some papers and talk business to accountants and the like. Exciting stuff, I know. But I combined the trip with a couple of friends and stayed the weekend.

I'd like to say that we had the most fantastic time evertm but I'd be lying. We did have pretty good fun though, just wandering around, eating and drinking. Nothing particularly touristy, just hanging out really. And getting to eat the best churrasco in Domino.

On Saturday night, we arranged to meet up with some Santiago based bloggers, KyleTamsin,Caira and Katina along with assorted husbands and friends in my favourite Peruvian restaurant,Puerto Peru. It was interesting to put real people to online personalities...and great to hear that we all gossip about each other based on what we read :) It was a really fun evening and good to finally meet some of the people I read about every week.


Mama in Chile said...

Great photos! I LOVE the second one! We should definitely meet up again. Tell Ally I loved her friend, he was hilarious.

Mike said...

I checked out the churrasco on wikipedia this is what it said for Chile, churrasco refers to a thin cut of steak which varies depending on the desired quality of the sandwich. The slices are grilled and served on a toasted bun, usually accompanied with tomato, avocado and mayonnaise...sound about right? Guess my minds on food...must be time to eat.

Nice pic's...Girl. Meets. Chile...had one of, well looks like of all of you.

Stacey said...

Hi, I am moving from London to Chile (by myself!) in August and was hoping to read some of the blogs on 'Girl.Meets.Chile.' as it sounds like you've done something similar. However, I think I have to be invited to read the posts and can't work out how to do this!

Matt said...

I think Tamsin only updates that blog for her close friends and family now so you probably won't be able to see it. If you have any questions about moving to Chile, email me at I can put you in touch with Tamsin directly if she's ok with that.