Corrugated City

Friday 4 July 2008

More Music

i-Tunes is accepting my credit card again after a total balls up so, yey, I can buy music once more.

This week I bought:

Santogold-Santogold-I've really enjoyed this album. She's a professional song writer for a number of well known 'artists' and this personal album shows off her many different styles. L.E.S Artistes and Lights Out are two of my favourite tracks but most of the album, with the exception of the execrable Unstoppable, is pretty great. Santogold is also a really good lyricist so try listening to what she's singing as well...

Elbow-The Seldom Seen Kid. I had Elbow's other 3 studio albums 'til i-Tunes auto-synced my ipod and deleted the lot. Bugger. The new album is really good. Mancs at their best.

Emmy the Great-My Bad EP. Cutesy folk guitar stuff. Much better than I make it sound. I really like it. Hope she releases a full album soon.

Coldplay-Viva la Vida. Frigging awful on first listen but it's starting to really grow on me. Not as girly pop as much as their other stuff. This is a good thing. 


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Douchebaguette said...

Saw Elbow a couple months ago in Salt Lake for the Seldom Seen Kid. Not only was the show amazing and raise my bar for live performance, the singer politely excused himself to take sips from his glass of beer. Every time. What a nice guy. Like I care if you wet your whistle while serenading me.

Matt said...

cool..i've never seen them live. i've heard before that they're pretty good. what the hell where they doing in salt lake city?? are they reasonably well known in the states??