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Monday 14 July 2008

Miscellaneous Oddities and the Clown Museum

Today I went for a short walk around Cerro Alegre with an acquaintance, along Avenida Alemania, through the cemeteries and then back up to Cerro Concepcion. On Lautaro Rosas, I came across this multi-tasking little store. It sells frozen fish, jam and also couples up as an internet cafe. Certainly an interesting mix of products.

On Subida Cumming, just as it reaches Plaza Bismarck (Cerro Carcel), we then stumbled upon the completely fantastic Clown and Puppet Museum and Theatre.

Inside, there are gigantic puppets, little puppets, the history of the clown and other random clown and puppet based entertainment. We learned that there's even an NGO called (I kid you not), Clowns Without Borders. These cheeky chappies travel around the world helping the most needy through the medium of pie-throwing, tripping over and wearing make-up. What a job: International Clown Doctor.

On weekends, they put on puppet shows, usually aimed at kids but it think everyone should be able to enjoy this kind of entertainment. Psychedelic drugs may or may not make it more fun.

Spot the clown.

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Douchebaguette said...

I saw those things. Creepy.