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Wednesday 19 September 2007

Fiestas Patrias and Holidays

This is likely to be my last post for a couple of weeks...we're really busy for the next few days and then on Monday we're off on holiday for 9 days in New York, something we're both really looking forward to. It'll be Lore's first time in La Gran Manzana and my first visit in 9 years. We've got a cousin coming to live in the flat and look after the cats and we're hoping to return rested and with some serious advances in the upstairs bit of the house.

Anyway, as everyone in Chile knows, this week has been given over to the country's fiestas patrias, a chance for everyone to get drunk, eat vast quantities of barbequed steak and dress up as huasos (Chilean cowboys). The big day was yesterday (the 18th) but the festivities started last Friday when we held a bbq for the work crew. Then we headed to the countryside house of a relative for more red meat, booze and horse riding (not for me, i don't like horses). And then finally, we held our first bbq at home in Valparaiso. It's been a fun few days. See you in a couple of weeks..!

Work asado

Family asado

Home asado. That's my huasa tique-tik


Anonymous said...

hi matt,

Is it true that you need to take off your shoes when entering chilean homes?

Anonymous said...

absolutely not

Matt said...

hehe, is this the same anonymous that asked about the wood houses? either s/he's reading john steel's crappy e-book on chile or s/he's having a laugh...

Anonymous said...

hi guys,

What's the natural farming scene in chile?
Are chileans conscious of their environment and food supply?